What Are Your Favorite Holiday Nurse Stories?

Silver Christmas decorations

Tis the season! With covid surges, flu season, and shift overload, it's pretty hard to get into the holiday spirit. That's where you come in! We all have a favorite holiday memory from nursey-holiday pasts. From a meaningful moment with a patient to a funny family tradition, we want to hear it! Share your favorite, memorable, heartwarming, funny, crazy holiday story in the comments section below to help brighten your fellow nurses' day! Check back to see what others have shared!

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2 months ago

I remember back in the late 80’s. I do not remember his admitting diagnosis, but this gentleman was with us for months-one problem after another-after several surgeries& being near death several times , he went home to his very loving & devoted family. Then s few days before Christmas he showed up with his family with so many gift wrapped packages. Each hada name. Inside was a hand painted ornament created by this gentleman & his wife. While a patient they recorded every person who had any thing to do with his care.-Nursing , techs, cleaning , dietary, volunteers, lab-… Read more »

Virginia Harris
2 months ago

I worked in an inpatient hospice for 15 years. It never failed that one of our favorite patients would chose the holiday to die. One bittersweet memory was a 12 year old female that had spina bifida was going downhill. She loved French fries but wasn’t allowed due to health issues. Make A Wish asked what she wanted and she was able to say McDonalds. So on Christmas Eve they gave her a party at our local Mickey Ds and she had a ball eating all the French fries she wanted with family and friends at her side. She came… Read more »

2 months ago

One New Year ‘s Eve , little bottles of NON-Alcoholic apple cider came with dinner for each patient.They were delighted to have their own little toast. We were very surprised at how many patients awoke with hangovers the next morning (New Year’s Day)-each stating it was because they were not used to the champagne served!

Jen the RN
3 months ago

Toasting the new year with sparking apple cider out of (unused and clean) urine specimen cups

Brenda Del Rosario
2 months ago

I been working as a Chronic hemodialysis nurse since 1996 . Yeah ! Don’t ask years coz I forgot already . So there is my sweet demanding Estrellita a Nurse who gave her life working at couple of hospital in Ca. Now sick and old in need of hemodialysis she came my way . Every shift she demands care ,quality of care she just to say , so everyone did and gave the best we could . One December day she told me she got the perfect gift for me in an envelope . I say no I may loose… Read more »

2 months ago

At the hospital I worked at for EVERY holiday the cafeteria served pressed turkey roll. My coworker and I would make jokes about it. We didn’t know what else was in it, didn’t dare to ask either. On a brighter side, when I worked at another place at the change to the new millennium, our boss sent in as a surprise a catered dinner. And that was the end of his kindness. Happy New Years with the non-alcoholic bubbly.🎉🎉🎉🎉

2 months ago

My daughter is a surgical nurse and I remember her being called into work on Christmas morning. They recovered several organs which was so special especially for the recipients who’s life’s were extended on that Christmas morning. Jesus was born and they were reborn

Joan E
3 months ago

In the mid 1970’s I was an ICU R.N. I was scheduled to work New Year’s Eve on the 7am to 3pm shift as I had been off Christmas Eve. My husband and I were going out to ring in the New Year with his sister and brother in law. We celebrated, really celebrated, and didn’t get home until the early morning. I knew I wouldn’t hear the alarm if I layed down so I got changed for work and sat down for what was to be just a minute. Next thing I knew the phone was ringing….it was the… Read more »