Top 14 Ways Nurses Are Shedding Pounds

Obesity in nurses is an unfortunate trend that mirrors the obesity epidemic around the world. Unfortunately, being seriously overweight can be extra dangerous for someone in the nursing profession.

Shedding pounds isn’t just about looking good in your scrubs — when you lose weight you ease stress on your back –– a major selling point for any floor nurse who knows what we put backs through on a daily basis!

But where do you start on your weight loss journey, oh busy nurses? We polled our readers to find out what you’re doing to shed pounds in your free time. Hundreds responded, and here are the top 14 workouts that work for nurses.

We hope one of these ideas will get you motivated, too!

1. Gardening
2. Treadmill or stationary bike with an audiobook
3. Run or walk on lunch break during night shift (3:30 a.m.) for 45 minutes
4. Jillian Michaels: 30 Day Shred DVD
5. Martial arts like Tae Kwon Do or Muay Thai
6. Pilates DVD
7. Zumba
8. Aerobics at home with a group of friends
9. Dance around the house to music
10. P90X DVD set
11. Weight lifting and good old-fashioned bodybuilding
12. Swimming
13. Classic gym workout: 30 minutes of abs, 1 hour of weight lifting and 30 minutes of cardio
14. Insanity: 60-Day Total-Body Conditioning Workout DVD with Shaun T


What are your most effective methods to lose weight? Share in the comments section below.



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