Quiz: What Nursing Career Matches Your Personality?

For almost 20 years, Americans have rated the honesty and ethics of nurses the highest of all professions. Nursing is an in-demand profession that provides the ability to work in many different environments and roles—but do you know what nursing career route is right for you? Answer these questions to find out which area of nursing matches your personality.

Choose between a, b, or c.

1. Do you like taking care of other people?

a.  Yes! I make it my priority.
b.  I like making sure everyone has what they need.
c.  Working hard is how I show how much I care.

2. It’s Friday night. Where can your friends find you?

a.  Making a big snack tray with my friends for the party!
b.  Finding a show to binge on Netflix with a few buddies.
c.  Chilling in my bedroom and getting ready for a busy weekend. I need time to recharge.

3. Are you committed to making life better for others, even when they have trouble taking care of themselves?

a.  I love helping people, no matter what.
b.  That sounds tough, but I like a challenge.
c.  I want to be part of the big picture and help groups of people at once.

4. What are you like on vacation?

a.  As long as I’m with my friends or family, I’m up for anything.
b.  I schedule a few big events, but otherwise, go with the flow.
c.  I like a plan and schedule every moment to make the most of our time.

5. Which of these statements sound most like you?

a.  If I talk to someone for a few minutes, I can get them to tell me all their secrets.
b.  I’m comfortable with both technology and people.
c.  I love solving a 500 piece puzzle—but a 1,000 piece would be even more fun.

6. How would your co-workers describe you?

a.  Creative and chatty
b.  Practical helper
c.  Dependable and quiet

7. Are you more of a team player or an individual contributor?

a.  I love working as a team to get the job done.
b.  I’m a good team player, but I also like my own work, too.
c.  I’m happiest when I have my own work to do.

8. When you need advice, what do you do first?

a.  Talk to friends and family to get everyone’s opinion.
b.  I talk to friends but ultimately follow my own advice.
c.  I do my own research, but my friends and family also help me decide.

9. What’s your superpower?

a.  I’m a great multi-tasker.
b.  I’m goal-driven and good at staying the course.
c.  I’ve figured out routines and systems that work for me.

10. Which of these situations would annoy you the most?

a.  You make plans with friends, but they show up late.
b.  Your friends want to split the dinner bill, but you ordered less food than everyone else.
c.  When you’re baking, and the cake doesn’t rise as you expected.


Mostly a’s: Bedside nursing would be a great choice for you! You’re a great communicator, thrive on being with people, and are great at juggling lots of balls in the air. You love new experiences, and your nursing education and degree can take you across the country or around the world as a travel nurse. Consider earning your BSN degree (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) if you haven’t already.

Mostly b’s: You like to set goals and meet a challenge—that’s a big part of being a nurse! Consider a nursing specialty like critical care nursing or even earning your master’s degree in nursing and becoming a nurse practitioner. As a nurse, you can save lives, give patients and their families a better quality of life, and provide compassionate care with dignity. Most importantly, you are directly contributing to making the world a better place through your nursing career and care for patients.

Mostly c’s: You’re a big thinker and tinkerer, and nurses never stop learning. Clinical nursing skills, protocols, and new treatments are always improving, so your intellect and curiosity will be your nursing superpower. You might even decide to go into research or health policy as a doctorate-prepared nurse, helping to discover the next big breakthrough.

Aspen University can help you advance your nursing career with our affordable online RN to BSNMSN, and DNP degree programs. Looking to become an RN? Consider the BSN Pre-Licensure program.


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