New UV Sanitizers Designed to Kill Bacteria

New Sanitizers for Smart Phones and Tablets Can Reduce The Spread Of Super Bugs In Under 30 Seconds

Healthcare technology company, Seal Shield LLC, announces the SKY™ family of UVC Sanitizers, designed to kill bacteria and viruses on hard to clean consumer electronics.

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- CES -- Seal Shield LLC (Jacksonville, FL), today will demonstrate the SKY™ family of UV Sanitizers at the CES- Consumer Electronics Show, Sands Booth #73213. The SKY™ is the world's first UV Sanitizer to kill more than 99.95% of pathogens in less than 30 seconds. Designed for use in hospitals to protect patients and practitioners from dangerous cross contamination infections, the Sky is also the perfect solution for mobile retailers and IT / MIS professionals who service and support mobile devices of unknown or dubious origins.

Tablet computers and smart phones have been proven to harbor harmful bacteria and viruses. A study published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology warns that "twenty to thirty percent of viruses can be readily transferred from a fingertip to a glass surface, like that on a touch screen."

"Mobile device hygiene is imperative in today's pathogen rich environments. SKY™ was designed to be easy to use, and it can safely disinfect virtually any mobile device in under 30 seconds," states Seal Shield CEO, Brad Whitchurch.

The SKY™ UVC sanitizers use high intensity, 254 nanometer UVC light, at close proximity of less than 60 thousandths of an inch, to thoroughly disinfect a tablet or smart phone and achieve up to a 6 log reduction in pathogens such as MRSE, VRE, MDR-gram negative, Norovirus and Cdiff.

The Seal Shield SKY™ is currently available in 2 models. The SKY™ 6Xi features a horizontal orientation, ideal for desktop applications. The SKY™ 7Xi features vertical orientation and can be wall mounted or placed on a mobile cart. The SKY™ sanitizers are the latest additions to Seal Shield's family of UV infection prevention devices which include the ElectroClave™ and MoonBean™ UV sanitizers.

Seal Shield is a world leader in infection control technology. Seal Shield designs, develops and manufactures medical grade, infection prevention technology for hospitals and the home including UV sanitizers, air purification systems, antimicrobial products, waterproof keyboards, mice and TV remote controls. For more information please visit


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