New E-book Details Forces at Play in Today’s Healthcare Job Market

A new e-book, 'The Nursing Shortage: Help Wanted', examines the current state of the nursing shortage and why it's a job seeker's market for experienced and well-educated nurses in the years ahead.

The e-book addresses the question, "Is healthcare facing a serious deficit of RNs with advanced education? If yes, what are the key factors contributing to the shortage and what can be done to best address the issue." It is available at

"As the skilled nurses who delayed retirement during the recession begin leaving the workforce in droves, we're likely to see a knowledge gap that newly graduated nurses cannot fill," saysJudy Burckhardt, Ph.D., MAEd, MSN, RN, Dean and Professor, Nursing and Healthcare Management Programs at American Sentinel University.

Health eCareers' 2015 Healthcare Recruiting Trends Survey found that 43 percent of respondents surveyed reported they face the most difficulty finding qualified candidates.

"This new version of the nursing shortage means hospitals may find themselves with a high proportion of nurses with limited experience, even if their job vacancy rate is low," says Dr. Burckhardt.

'The Nursing Shortage: Help Wanted' is a must read for nurses who want to learn how industry forecasts influence health policy decisions, and their career choices to understand the forces at play in today's healthcare job market.

Topics include:

  • Where We Are Now: the current state of the nursing shortage and trends that will affect the coming years
  • Experience Matters: how to get a job without years of experience
  • Expanding the Education Pipeline: the role of education in meeting the demand for qualified nurses
  • Factors Affecting Supply & Demand: the role of each factor that impacts the demand for nurses in the workforce

Download American Sentinel's New E-Book to Learn Why It's Job Seeker's Market for Experienced and Well-educated Nurses
The e-book, 'The Nursing Shortage: Help Wanted' is available at

"Education has always been the cornerstone to career advancement.  In today's dynamic healthcare landscape, there will always be a market for experienced and well-educated nurses," adds Dr. Burckhardt.


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