New Blog Series Helps Nurses Take Control and Plan Nursing Career Path

Summer is winding down, and it's back to school season. American Sentinel University's new 8-part blog series 'Ready, Set, Grow!'  walks mid-career nurses through the process of going back to school.

The blog series will share unique resources to help nurses go back to school and offer valuable insight about balancing work, life, and school to earn an advanced degree for career advancement.

"The online adult learning model has made it easier for nurses to return to school and earn advanced degrees to develop new, in-demand skills. In fact, for mid-career nurses, earning a degree is much less intimidating and much more flexible than you could imagine," says Karen Whitham, Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Nursing Programs at American Sentinel University.

The 'Ready, Set, Grow!' blog series will run through September 12, 2016, and discusses these important topics of interest for nurses going back to school:

-Readiness checklist

-Choosing a nursing specialty

-Tips and tricks for comparing nursing schools

-Enrollment checklist

-Paying for nursing school

-Study tips and tricks

-Balancing school and life

-Student tips for getting to graduation

Dr. Whitham says that learning has no age limit and that nurses are always learning in their jobs.

"Practicing nursing students have an advantage over younger students because they have the benefit of many years of life and work experiences. Having career experience ensures that you will immediately be able to relate to your course work, and it will provide new ways to view nursing practice, within the context of your current job," she adds.

Each week the series will feature a new resource, so be sure to check back to pick up the new tool.

To learn more about going back to school mid-career, read the 'Ready, Set, Grow!' blog series available at

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