“My Guilty Pleasure At Work Is…”

This article was republished with permission from SCRUBS Magazine.

Crazy patients, ridiculous schedules, overbearing doctors…yep, nursing is one heck of a tough job! Sometimes, you just need a two-minute time-out at work—if you even can get away for that long!

We were curious what you do to make yourself feel a little happier and more sane at work, so we asked our Facebook fans to tell us about their guilty pleasure on the job. Read on for their funny, delicious and oh-so-familiar little joys at work!

“My guilty pleasure at work is…”

Facebook while hiding in the bathroom for two minutes.
—Chelcee H.

Venti Iced Caramel Macchiato on my med cart while passing meds…LOL!
—Geraldine F.

Catching a segment of Maury in a patient’s room…“You are not the father!”
—Liz Z.

Utz potato chips are truly my favorite when the anxiety and frustration set in. They can tide me over for 12 hours, too. Not a fan for my hips, but a friend for my lips.
—Tracey G.

Drooling over the police officers who bring patients in custody to the ED—love a man in uniform!
—Lacresha H.

Sneaking an extra dessert (one for me, one for my patient) in return for a few minutes to actually sit with them and watch TV or chitchat. LOL! Patient/nurse confidentiality at its best!
—Dee B.

Belly laughs any time of any nursing day.
—Aimee P.

I turn on my music in the rooms of my sedated/intubated patients and I sing all day while I work.
—Amy D.

One-upping the residents with my knowledge!! LOL
—Darlene O.

M&M peanuts from the vending machine—they really need to get rid of those! LOL
—Alexis F.

Hazelnut creamer in my coffee…lame, huh? It does the trick at 3:30 a.m.!!!
—Betty J.

Choosing a needle gauge after I have a not-so-nice patient.
—Becky S.

Taking a long pee that I held in for eight hours. LOL!
—Talisa A.

-Having a family member actually say thank you instead of chasing you down the hall, badgering you ’cause you have the AUDACITY to be on your way to a coding patient instead of fluffing her mother’s pillows.

—Ann O.

Telling patients when they’re out of line. Oh man. I love that.
—Savanna C.

Shredding my nicely organized med and documentation cheat sheet covered in ink from making notes, jotting down I&Os, etc., for seven patients after 13 hours!
—Danelle M.

Calling a physician at 2 a.m. for a Tylenol order just to get back at him for thinking he is superior to the nurses!
—Mindy G.

Making a fringed dress from paper towels and doing a shimmy dance for a patient!
—Elizabeth A.

Napping on my lunchtime in the massage chair our director gave us.
—Cara N.

Stealing a Diet Coke from our fridge. Uh, if my bosses are reading this, I am teasing. ?
—Patti K.

Nurses, what’s your guilty pleasure on the job?! Share in the comments section below.

This article was republished with permission from SCRUBS Magazine.


  1. Kicking off my shoes, putting my feet on my dash and laying back flat, in my driver’s sit; while listening to the receding sounds of soft rock on my car radio, as I doze off during lunch break, at 2:30am or pm. Oh so amazing!


  2. having residents and attending doctors at the end of a busy day stop and say thank you. knowing it takes a team to meet a goal

  3. Enjoying a back rub from a co-worker with magical healing, stress relieving fingers. Oh, to have that achy knot released…heavenly!!!
    Arlin F.

  4. Great read while waiting in the car for my lovely wife…. oh man, she is 33.5 weeks today… headed into Buybuybaby!!!!

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