Let’s Talk “Maskne”

Who can relate? You work all day wearing a N95 only to end your shift and remove your mask to find the dreaded “maskne” —the under mask breakout that reminds you of being a teenager again. Any tips or tricks to avoid “maskne”? What’s your skin regiment to help? Are you going make-up free under your mask? What products do your recommend? Help a fellow nurse out and share how to deal with angry mask skin! Add your comments below and check back to see recommendations from your fellow nurses.

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Joanne Seitz
1 year ago

R+F has the Soothe product line and a Soothe maske that works wonders for Maskne!!!

Julianne Palardy
1 year ago

My friend who is an Aesthetician recommended the use of a benzoyl peroxide mask followed by the use of a salicylic acid toner every night. After just a week the maskne was gone and has stayed away! Highly recommended regimen. Whatever lines you prefer as long as they contain these ingredients to deep cleanse the skin 🙂