How Is Your Facility Being Affected By COVID-19?

There's been a wide range of news reports focusing on healthcare facilities being overrun with COVID-19 patients. The sunbelt states are getting hit especially hard, including Texas and the Houston area, North Carolina, Florida, Arizona, and California.

While the numbers of hospitalizations, confirmed cases and deaths continue to rise across the country, we wanted to check in with you to see what's happening in your facility. Share your take in the comments section below on what's been happening where you work and check back to see what your fellow healthcare workers have been experiencing.


  1. I think my hospital is doing a great job. We have 1 hospital that has just positive cases and then the hospital I’m at (they belong to the same group) we have positive cases that need specialty things like surgery, OB, or dialysis that the other hospital can’t do. We also have some rule out cases. Our entire unit (38 beds) at one time was turned into a negative airflow unit but currently we have 9 beds that are used for Covid patients. Our PPE supplies are in good stock and we have a person that watches the room and everybody has to sign out everything they take.


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