How Are You Getting Through This Brutal Cold And Flu Season?

Photo by Linh Pham on Unsplash

Be honest. How are you getting through this brutal cold and flu season? We nurses need to stick together so if you have any tried and true tips for staying healthy, PLEASE SHARE! A few of our readers shared their tips below but let's crowdsource our secret weapons for staying healthy and get through this cold and flu season together!

"Wash your nares. Nurses breath in a lot of germs that can sit on your cilia. Wash out those noses and flush out these germs!" --IC

"Vitamin D3 is the best way I have found to support the immune system. The goal is to keep the blood level between 60-80. In the winter I take between 5000 and 10,000 units daily. That and a good probiotic, over 70 billion live cultures, are proven immune boosters. I also put YLEO Thieves Vitality essential oil in my water daily. And of course, sleep, healthy diet-no wheat, no dairy and all organic, have me healthier than I have been in years." --Peggy Sue

"I use a natural oil diffuser with eucalyptus oil ..I keep 1 in my office for avoiding the dryness of the nasal passages which does lead to decreased fight power. Plus the Natural Antiviral & Antibacterial properties of the oils is remarkable! Plus it smells great and clean." --Victoria

"When I feel like I'm getting sick I load up on Vitamin C and sleep, sleep, sleep." --Charlie

"Probiotics (even doctors are telling this to patients now!), sleep, good diet, don't ever touch your face." --LB

"How about a healthy diet. Us nurses often grab whatever when it would behoove us to take some time packing healthy meals and quick snacks to bring to work. When you haven’t done so your meal will end up being vending machine junk food, things you find in the bottom of your locker or work bag, or saltiness and coffee from the lounge." --Lora

So, what do you do to stay healthy during the cold and flu season? Share your tips in the comments section below.
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Ginger Brayman
2 years ago

Flu shot and an N95 mask if traveling on a plane. Also, hand washing, hand washing, hand washing.

2 years ago

I have not become ill this winter because I use doTerra On Guard essential oil blend.

Gail Roberts
2 years ago

Get my Flu shot! And the pneumovax too! Sleep! Decaf tea! Warm salt water gargles at first sign of sore throat. HOMEMADE chicken soup if I do get a little sick. Blow my nose, try not to inhale drainage!
Always put patients before pride or money. Take that sick day if I’m ill.

2 years ago

I have not been sick yet this winter thanks to Zicam, Zinc, good hand washing and lots of fluids! Anytime I’ve felt a tickle in my throat or sense any signs of a possible cold, I use Zicam spray, nasally, for the first 3-4 days. I especially believe it is an important factor, in my regime, to use it right before I went to sleep at night. I also take a zinc tablet every night (so as to not upset my stomach) during those times as well. Due to the recent research that has attributed overuse of Zicam to decreasing… Read more »