Embrace Easier Hair Routine

Ditch the hair dryer and join the air dry revolution this summer!  Unplug from your lengthy hair routine with these easy hair-dos and tips to help you master air drying techniques.

  • Start With A Healthy Base.

Choose the right daily shampoo and conditioner for your hair texture. This will help leave your hair smoother after it air-dries.

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  • Try A Deep Conditioner

Using these products once or twice a week can help transform any hair issue, setting the perfect base for any air-dry hairstyle.

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  • Oil Isn't Just For Salads.

From Jojoba Seed Oil to Olive Oil and Moroccan Oil, it's important to give hair the intense hydration it craves in the summer, leaving locks soft, smooth and manageable.

  • Choose Quality, Snag-Free Hair Bands.

You work hard to protect your hair against breakage.  So why risk damage with a poor quality rubber band or hair tie?  For your hair’s sake, you want to choose hair-friendly elastic bands that can be easily taken out without too much damage to your hair. You also want to ensure that the bands you choose will be able to hold your ponytail in place for the entire day. Try using elastic bands that are covered with fabric like silk or cotton.  Never use rubber or plastic and make sure they don’t have any hair-snagging metal pieces.

  • Buns Are Beautiful.

Whether high atop your head, braided on the side or a chignon at the nape of your neck, a no-fuss bun is a great hair-style for a no-blow dry day.  Bonus is the beach-curl, wavy hair you get after your hair dries and you take out your snag-free hair band!  It's two hair-dos for the price of one!






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