Did You See It? –Nurse Comforts Boy After Tonsil Surgery

Don't you just love when a positive story about an amazing nurse goes viral!? Here's one that caught our attention.

After 5-year-old Slade Thompson woke up from tonsil surgery, he understandably wanted his mom. But because doctors still needed to check his vitals, unfortunately his mother was unable to give him the hug he desperately wanted. Thankfully, a nurse named Annie Hager stepped in to save the day, and the sweet moment was captured on camera.

"When Slade Thompson of Renovo, PA, woke up from tonsil surgery, all he wanted was to be snuggled and cared for," read a Facebook post shared by UPMC Susquehanna. "Not thinking twice, Annie Hager climbed right into the bed and snuggled the little boy. As a nurse, providing care is one thing, but making sure our patients are calm and comfortable matters just as much. It's nurses like Annie — who show true compassion — that keep our patients happy. During Nurses Week, we thank our nurses for taking time to make personal connections with patients. Annie's connection with Slade was so real that he brought her flowers at his follow up appointment."

Annie told the local TV station that giving Slade a hug was a no-brainer. "When I told him mom couldn't be there, he asked if I would snuggle him," she said. It just goes to show how amazing nurses are!

The personal connections nurses make with their patients -big and small- are what make the difference! Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


  1. Part of nursing is “reading” our patient’s needs. I had an elderly woman who just seemed down, could not express any concerns and had pain that she could not tell me where it was. I started scratching her back and she said “I will give you a year to stop that”. After I finished, I said, “I live alone and never get a hug, could I give you a hug because you live alone also?” My patient gladly accepted and returned the hug and thanked me for it. When I left the next morning, I thanked her for allowing me to be her nurse and told her how much her hug meant to me and that it was a pleasure serving her. This sweet lady asked for another hug and thanked me for it. Years ago, nurses gave backrubs at HS and I sometimes think that practice should be restarted. I try to do it for all my patient’s but the patient load is so great at times there isn’t opportunity to do this for each patient that I care for.

  2. wondering who took photo of her with patient, though…generally taking pics of patients is not allowed, especially if they are posted to social media, no matter how sweet.

  3. What a beautiful picture. Annie exemplifies Nursing at its finest. That Slade brought her flowers brings tears to my eyes. Such a great story. Keep on doing what you’re doing Annie- you make me proud to be a Nurse!

  4. Only a small part of what nurses do every day for the comfort and safety of our patients. Many things will never be noted by families or doctors. Thankfully we follow our hearts.

  5. A beautiful capture of a moment in nursing. Miss Hager is a true gift to the profession.

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