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It’s Not Always About The Money

Here is an open letter to any and all hospital administration who cares to listen. Dear Administration Team: We nurses understand the importance of Press Ganey,...

Get The Job Every Time: 5 Resume Tips For Nurses

One of the best things about being a nurse is that your job is always in demand. There’s currently an ongoing nursing shortage that’s...

After Nursing, What Will You Do?

Have you been considering a change of career? Nursing can be an incredibly stressful job, and for many people, it can get to be...

How To Make The New Nurse Feel Welcome

Your first day on the job is always hard. You don’t know where anything is yet, you don’t know anyone, and you’re still getting...

Do “New Nurses” Scare You, Too?

Lately I find myself becoming quite the cynic. I’m not a cynical nurse, I’m just discovering things throughout my ‘world’ that are cause for...

6 Things Nurses Say Under Their Breath Every Shift

As nursing professionals, we have to be tactful — with our patients and with each other. There are always things we wish we could...

Where In The US Are Nurses Needed The Most?

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How Much Do Nurses Actually Make?

In a world where an increasingly poor job market has left many graduates underemployed and overwhelmed with debt, nursing shines as a beacon of...

Top Tips: How To Be Considered For Your Ideal Nursing Job

The prospect of finding a new nursing job that is an ideal fit for your skills, needs, and interests is an exciting one. And...

5 Signs That Your Workplace Values Its Employees

As nurses, we take pride in what we do. We value our work, our colleagues, and our patients. Great workplaces do the same. Here are...


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