9 Ways to Spot a Nurse at the Beach

This article was republished with permission from SCRUBS Magazine.

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How do you spot a nurse at the beach? Let us count the ways….

1. Every child within a 50-foot radius of them is wearing floaties.

And so are the adults. They aren’t too happy about it.

But they’re too afraid to argue.

2. They’ve packed a massive cooler!

Oh, wait—no. That’s just their first aid kit.

3. But no, really, they’ve packed a cooler, too.

It also just happens to be the most immaculately packed cooler you’ve ever seen.

Each food item has been stored in a separate, sterile baggie and labeled according to allergies or specific dietary needs.

There’s even a chart containing recommended periods of digestion.

And of course—water. So. Much. Water.

4. They time sunscreen reapplication—down to the second.

They still get burned (blame the night shift).

5. While they don’t actually say anything to the two teenage girls applying tanning oil nearby, they don’t really have to.

6. Check out the person teaching the lifeguard how to respond to a life-threatening wound—that’s a nurse.

7. They unpack at least 15 books (they’re a little behind on their summer reading), but you’ll never see them turn a page—they’re too busy scanning the beach to pinpoint hazards.

8. But they WILL fall asleep. And when they do, you’ll question whether or not they’re breathing.

9. Finally, they were the first to arrive, and they’re the last to leave.

And when the time does come to pack up and go…

Needless to say, this whole “day off” experience is kind of a big deal.

But don’t worry—they’ll be back.


This article was republished with permission from SCRUBS Magazine.
*Memes Sourced via GIPHY
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Tom Prince, RN, EMT
4 years ago

Love the cat!