10 Ways To Organize Your Back-to-School Routine

As a new school year approaches, parents and caregivers recognize getting children ready and prepared with all of the things they need for a successful day at school can be a stressful and time-intensive process. To help alleviate some of these difficulties, check out our top ten ways to organize the back-to-school routine and eliminate manic mornings:


  1. Get Yourself Ready First: Like airplane oxygen masks, it is important to prepare yourself before your children. Being awake, alert and ready to go before your children get up will provide a good example and keep you from scrambling to get yourself ready at the same time.
  2. Create a Routine: Morning rituals – which can be as simple as getting up at the same time, brushing your teething and tying your shoes – help eliminate questions and provide a stable schedule.
  3. Get a Good Night's Sleep: According to the National Sleep Foundation, the average preschooler sleeps 11 to 13 hours a night. By setting an early, scheduled bedtime, your children will be well-rested and better prepared for their first day of school.
  4. If You're Stressed, Your Kids Will Be Too: As hard as it is, try not lose your cool if your child wants to change her/his clothes for the third time in half an hour. Maintaining your equilibrium will keep your kids on an even keel as well.
  5. Lay Out Outfits in Advance: That said, help prevent last-minute costume changes by having your children pick out their clothes before they go to bed.
  6. Keep a Bag Packed by the Door: Go over your school's supply list the night before and pack backpacks ahead of time. Having a ready-to-go bag hanging by the door will save you time when you're ready to leave.
  7. Prepare Lunches the Night Before: Don't default to PB&J every day. Planning and preparing lunch the night before is a great way to decrease your morning time crunch.
  8. Make a Practice Run: The first day of school is not the time to find out it takes ten minutes – not five – to get to the bus stop. Walk to the bus stop or drive to school the week before to familiarize yourself with the time constraints.
  9. Give a Five-Minute Warning: Right before it's time to hop in the car or walk to the school bus, remind your kids that they have five minutes before it's time to leave. Giving clear instructions and setting an easy time-table will give them time to get ready.
  10. Put a Note in Their Lunchbox: The first day of school can be time of anxiety for any child. A loving note in their lunchbox will let them know you are thinking of them and give them a pick-me-up during their first day.
Do you have any tips for helping get the kiddos back into the school routine? Share in the comments section below.
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