10 Signs You Need A Spring Vacation!

This article was republished with permission from SCRUBS Magazine.

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Wishing your next day off was a little sooner? Imagining a marvelous tropical vacation in the spring (hey, we can dream!)? You don’t have to tell us twice: Nurses work HARD…and sometimes you just need a break!

We asked our readers for the telltale signs they know they need a break (more coffee, anyone?). Read on for their funny responses and share your own in the comments below!

You know you need a spring vacation when…


I walk into the elevator, the doors close and I forget to push the button!
Scott K. 


I answer my cell phone with my work voice telling the caller the unit I work on, my name, and “How may I help you?” And then realizing I’m standing in my living room.
Botbot B.

You click the button on your car keys and wait for your office door to open.
— Caren S.


I sent a text, then held the phone to my ear and wondered why I didn’t hear any any ringing… *face palm*
Ashley S. 


I start to hear patient call bells while I’m at home.
Lashanda J.


You start calling coworkers by residents’ names! LOL!
Stacy G.


You work 12 hours as a nurse taking care of people who have the flu only to come home to the same; then repeat! Arrgghhh!
Merlene T.


I woke up one night at home wondering who the hell was ringing their bell before I realized it was my smoke detector indicating the battery was low.
Wendy G. 


I put my name as the patient on all the admission forms!
Christina W.


The coffee is no longer helping!!!
Nicole J. 


 Nurses, what are the signs you’re ready for a break?

This article was republished with permission from SCRUBS Magazine.
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Susan S Blake
1 year ago

You can’t remember if it was today or yesterday because there wasn’t much of a break between them.

Jen the RN
3 years ago

I know it’s time for vacation when I get resentful of parents for bringing their kids to the ER for a fever of 99 that just started 10 minutes PTA and have not done any interventions.

Laura Link
3 years ago

Wrote my own former primary care physician’s name on a telephone order for a nursing home patient instead of the name of the physican who had been medical director there for years.

Genn RN
4 years ago

I make everyone quiet down and ask for a complete read-back of our dinner order at the restaurant and wait until it is almost verbatim of everyone’s order. Did not realize I was doing this until my husband said to chill out, it’s not work.