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5 Ways to Upgrade Your “Me” Time Off the Job

Let’s be honest—if anyone deserves some pampering time, it’s nurses. Between 12-hour shifts, hit-or-miss lunch breaks and a steady stream of patients, simply sitting down...
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Top 7 Reasons Why I Love Being a Nurse

We all have good and bad days when it comes to working as a nurse. On my best days, I can’t imagine working in any...
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Advice To Management On The Occasion Of Nurses Week

Happy National Nurses Week, ModernNurse readers! We know your jobs are hard ones. You get all of the kicks and none of the kisses, and you’re...
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Inspirational Quotes Every Nurse Should Read

A good quote can lift you up when you’re feeling blue. It can inspire you to reach your goals. It can even make you...
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Historic Nursing Uniforms: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Ah, the portrait of a nurse. The freshly starched dress, that sharp little hat (oh, that hat!), the coveted pin; remnants of an era long...
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5 Ways For Nurses To Celebrate Nurses Week

Happy Nurses Week, everyone! It’s the one time of year where we hopefully get recognized for the grueling, selfless work we do every day....
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“The Specialty Where Nurses Laugh the Most Is…”

Nursing is an undeniably tough job, but it sure has its moments of humor, too. After all, if you’re not laughing, you’re crying! We...
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What’s Your Hospital Holiday Tradition?

All Shift Nurses Have Been There Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s rolls around and…guess who’s scheduled to work? While spending the holidays away from your...
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Need A Good Laugh?

Need a good belly laugh after having one of those days?  Check out a few of our favorite nursey internet memes.  Enjoy!          
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10 Biggest Nurse Mistakes

We all make mistakes; it’s just part of being human. But in nursing, these mistakes can have life-or-death consequences. Here are 10 shocking and...


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