3 Things No One Tells You About Getting Your BSN


It's like childbirth -there are just certain crazy, intimate, mind-blowing details that we don't share with each other in order to protect the species. Same goes for earning a BSN -there are a few truths nurses don't tell one another about going back to school to achieve this goal.

But that's where we come in.
Here are 3 things no one tells you about getting your BSN:

The decision will set you free.

With a growing number of hospitals requiring nurses to have a BSN degree, the decision to pursue additional schooling is one every nurse faces. Should I get a BSN? Should I wait to get a BSN? Can I possibly get a BSN and work at the same time? Where should I go?

The topic undoubtedly comes up with your nursey-friends. But you also find yourself discussing the idea of a BSN with your partner, your best friend, even your hairdresser. You think about it when you are walking the dog, fixing dinner, watching TV. It floats in and out of your head while you are at work and every time you check out a job posting.

The process of making the decision can take up so much of your brain that there's space for little else. The stress and uncertainty of making the decision gives way to a new-found freedom to move forward and make it happen once you've given yourself the green light.

People will perceive you differently.

The truth is that while you pursue your BSN, the people you care about the most -- colleagues, friends and family --will perceive you differently. When you take on the challenge of furthering your nursing career, they will witness firsthand your dedication, resilience and hard work.

It will be tough. Going back to school not only tests your intellect, but also challenges you emotionally, physically and spiritually. Your village will be your cheering section and encouragement when you need support to keep on keeping on. Their pride in your accomplishment will not only change their perception of you, but even more so the way you see yourself. There will be a personal satisfaction and confidence knowing you achieved your goal and have access to next level career opportunities.

A new normal will emerge.

How are you at juggling classes, work, family, responsibilities? Life will be crazy at first when you go back to school to earn your BSN.  Emphasis on 'at first.' We are creatures of habit and when we introduce a new commitment into our day-to-day, especially a big one, it can feel messy and chaotic. We may even long for a "return to our regularly scheduled program." But here's the truth. A new normal will emerge.

It may not happen right away or as fast as we want, but on a random Wednesday when you least expect it you will look up and realize that that crazy schedule you thought was impossible is now the new normal and you are rocking it. And here's an even crazier truth --once you have completed your BSN program and achieved your degree, you will literally find yourself unsure of what to do with all the free time you have at first. Again, emphasis on 'at first' because life has a way of adjusting and then another new normal will emerge.

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