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Skip The Soda, Opt For The Stairs To Feel More Energized

We've all done it -that moment during a shift where you are seriously lagging and all you can think of is caffeine, caffeine, caffeine!!!...
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Survival Mode Time!

I had a rough shift the other night—you know, the one where you start off with a BIG assignment, run behind on everything the...
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Did You Read It? Blogger’s Ode To Labor Nurse

Labor and delivery nurses --hard to put into words how much of a difference these everyday heroes made in the lives of their patients....
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5 Things Nurses Can’t Live Without

  Stethoscopes, blood pressure monitors, medication guides. These are all essential items that your patients may not be able to live without. Add a notebook...
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9 Times TV Shows Got It Wrong About Nursing (And Medicine In General)

Medical TV shows can make for some entertaining TV, but they’re not exactly known for their accuracy. While the rest of the world eats...
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It’s Not Always About The Money

Here is an open letter to any and all hospital administration who cares to listen. Dear Administration Team: We nurses understand the importance of Press Ganey,...
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5 Ways Nurses Embrace Spring Fever

Spring is that wonderful time of year when nature affords us new opportunities to bring peace and balance into our hectic day-to-day lives. It’s...

Nurse-to-Nurse Advice: Why Nurses Over 50 Can’t Find Jobs

Our Why Nurses Over 50 Can’t Find Jobs article struck a nerve and generated a lot of reader interest and comments. Seems this topic...

The Role of Nurses in Increasing Health Literacy

As nurses, we tend to take for granted how much our patients know about their own health conditions. The truth is, many don’t know...

The Nurse’s Guide To Buying Shoes

I see many healthcare providers in my chiropractic office, including nurses who work eight- to 12-hour shifts. Nurses spend their days walking or standing...


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