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A New Way to Monitor Vital Signs?

We may one day be able to monitor patients' vital signs by having them swallow an ingestible electronic device that measures heart rate and breathing...
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How Do I Deal With Nurse Bullies?

Any nurse who has been rejected by a nurse clique or has been the victim of another nurse’s malicious gossip wonders, “Weren’t we all...
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Avoid Burnout, Stay Flexible

. .  The Nursing Field is More Flexible Than an Experienced Yoga Instructor. . . Whether it is location, money, or schedule, a career in nursing can meet many...

Your Most Memorable Nursing Moments

It should come as no surprise to you that nursing is an extremely unique occupation. On any given shift, you witness human kindness, pain, strength,...
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What’s in YOUR Scrubs Pockets?

Ever notice a little rattle noise when you walk? May be all the things you keep in your scrubs pockets. We wanted to know what...
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5 Powerful Tips to Handle Technology Changes in Nursing (and Not Go Crazy!)

Things are changing. Fast. It seems like every time you turn around at work, there’s new technology: new ways to document, upgrades to the...
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Advice To Management On The Occasion Of Nurses Week

Happy National Nurses Week, ModernNurse readers! We know your jobs are hard ones. You get all of the kicks and none of the kisses, and you’re...


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