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The Evolution of a Nurse’s Relationship With Coffee (in Memes!)

. Here’s the thing about nursing: It changes people, in more ways than we can probably count. And, of course, the experiences, the lessons, the...
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9 Not-So-Harmless Habits That Might Be Disrupting Your Sleep

. Few appreciate a true, good night’s rest more than a nurse. A rare but mighty thing, sleep is pretty much always a main goal—second only,...
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4 Tips to Help Restart Your Nursing Career After an Absence

With an economy still struggling to pull itself out of the recession and a drastically changing nurse job market, finding a job can be...

“Have you heard the one about the nurse who…?”

. Myths and misconceptions abound in every profession, and nursing is no exception. Sometimes these myths come from colleagues, sometimes from people outside the profession—either...

Would You Ever Discourage Someone From Becoming A Nurse?

I love the profession of nursing. I genuinely believe that nursing is one of THE greatest professions out there. Period. We have such a diverse...


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