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How Do I Deal With Over-Involved Families?

How many times have you wished for responsive family members? You know, the kind who will stay with the patient when you can’t, help...

The 5 Best Scrubs For Halloween

It’s October! We’ll give you a second to do your happy dance…   We love this time of year. The best part, though? Breaking out those...
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4 Tips to Help Restart Your Nursing Career After an Absence

With an economy still struggling to pull itself out of the recession and a drastically changing nurse job market, finding a job can be...
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What’s The Best Moment Of Every Shift?

Nurses are known for their selfless compassion and their unwavering patient advocacy. It’s been said many times on our website that being a nurse...

15 More Memorable “First-Time” Nurse Moments

They make us laugh. They make us cry. They are "first time" nurse memories that have left an indelible mark on us. Our "First...

The Safest And Healthiest Ways To Vent At Work

It’s not like being a nurse is stressful or anything. Right? (insert sarcasm). I mean c’mon our day at work is all about everything...
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Nurse Summits Mount Kilimanjaro On World Prematurity Day

  Brenda Kieran, a newborn intensive care unit (NICU) nurse from Providence, Rhode Island, and nurse colleague, Katie Baker summited Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, the tallest mountain...
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7 Long-Wear Makeup Products That’ll Last Through 12-Hour Shifts

Long shifts, quick bites and lots of caffeine…a nurse’s day-to-day routine isn’t exactly the foundation for flawless skin. If a little makeup is your secret to feeling like...
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101 Nursing Fun Facts

One Hundred and One Interesting Facts, Quotes (and Even a Couple of Jokes) About Nursing: May 11, 2016 is National School Nurse Day. Planning on...

When It’s Time to Change Jobs

We've all been there. You know it's time for a change but are too exhausted, too busy to look up and even think about...


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