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Text-Message Conversations Only Nurses Have

  How about it, nurses…do these look familiar ?   1 When you go out with friends and give your number out to a cute stranger…    .  2 When your significant other attempts...
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5 Ways For Nurses To Celebrate Nurses Week

Happy Nurses Week, everyone! It’s the one time of year where we hopefully get recognized for the grueling, selfless work we do every day....

Can Nurses Have Fun Without Risking It All?

I’ve previously mentioned that, as health care professionals, we are never really “off the clock.” Some health care professionals have discovered the hard way...
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Patient Prejudice: New Survey Finds Bias Toward Doctors, Nurses

A majority of doctors (59%) say they confront bias from patients, including offensive remarks about gender, age, race and ethnicity, according to a new...
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The Evolution of a Nurse’s Relationship With Coffee (in Memes!)

. Here’s the thing about nursing: It changes people, in more ways than we can probably count. And, of course, the experiences, the lessons, the...
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The Top 25 Inspirational Things About Nursing

For a nurse, inspiration is as important as breathing—we need oxygen for our souls. Just as we check to see if our patients are...
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Four Skills Key In Establishing Nurse-Led Cross-Sector Collaborations

About 70 percent of all variations in health care outcomes are explained by individuals' social conditions including housing, neighborhood conditions, and income, data show....
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Paralyzed Men Move Legs With New Non-Invasive Spinal Cord Stimulation

Five men with complete motor paralysis were able to voluntarily generate step-like movements thanks to a new strategy that non-invasively delivers electrical stimulation to...
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What Types of Video Games Improve Brain Function?

From "brain games" designed to enhance mental fitness, to games used to improve real-world problems, to games created purely to entertain, today's video games...
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Don’t Believe the Hype: Grandiose Terms for Cancer Drugs

Seems like every day in the media we hear about a new cancer drug that is described as a 'game changer', 'breakthrough', 'revolutionary' or a...


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