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Listening To Music During Surgery Reduces Pain And Anxiety

A new study confirms listening to music before, during and after surgery reduces people’s pain, anxiety and need for painkillers. Led by Queen Mary...
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The Lowdown on Higher Ed for Nurses

You want to get ahead in your career, but you probably have a litany of excuses why going back to school just doesn’t fit...
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Healthcare Organizations Lag Behind In Digital Health Strategy

According to a recent global survey, most healthcare organizations have yet to implement or successfully launch a digital health strategy. Digital health is information technology,...

New Study Sheds Light on Racial Differences In Trust of Physicians

A new Emory University study could help provide a clearer understanding of why black and Latino patients are less likely to trust their physicians than...
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Patient Prejudice: New Survey Finds Bias Toward Doctors, Nurses

A majority of doctors (59%) say they confront bias from patients, including offensive remarks about gender, age, race and ethnicity, according to a new...
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A Nurse’s Version of a No Good, Very Bad Day

You set your alarm clock for 5pm (you meant to set it for 5am). Your roommate is considering waking you, but the last time...
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Developing A New Drug Is Actually Harder Than Rocket Science

Prescription medicines save lives and cut health care costs, but conjuring a drug to life is a challenging undertaking – and the science is...

The Nursing Career Opportunity

We had a high school student visit our department (some time ago). She spent a couple hours with us and other areas of interest...

Can Nurses Have Fun Without Risking It All?

I’ve previously mentioned that, as health care professionals, we are never really “off the clock.” Some health care professionals have discovered the hard way...
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Should Technology Be Used To Boost Empathy-Based Medicine?

Should existing digital technologies be used to enable a paradigm shift in current healthcare delivery which focuses on tests, treatments and targets rather than...


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