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A New Way to Monitor Vital Signs?

We may one day be able to monitor patients' vital signs by having them swallow an ingestible electronic device that measures heart rate and breathing...
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Defeating Breast Cancer Through Crowdsourcing

A California software company, http://www.YourScan.org, has put out a call to women who have had to face the difficult diagnosis of breast cancer:  Donate...
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What’s Your Hospital Holiday Tradition?

All Shift Nurses Have Been There Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s rolls around and…guess who’s scheduled to work? While spending the holidays away from your...
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Positive Emotions And Your Health

Do you tend to look on the sunny side, or do you see a future filled with dark, stormy skies? A growing body of...
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May I Have Your Attention, Please? The Hospital Will Be Closing Shortly.

Ahhh. Doors shut. Lights off. Hospital closed for the night. If only this were true. (Insert dream sequence…) We all know the hospital doesn’t function like...

New App Could Be Game Changer For Code Blue Team

A newly released app called the Cardiac Arrest Resuscitation Mobile Application has helped save the lives of numerous patients whose hearts had stopped during...
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YOUR Stories, Our Memes, Countless LOL Moments

Nurses have the best stories….But sometimes, words just don’t do them justice. So we thought we might tweak a story or two (or three) so...

5 Things Hospitals Can Do to Improve Outcomes of Weekend Surgeries

Studies have shown that patients who undergo surgeries on weekends tend to experience longer hospital stays and higher mortality rates and readmissions. For the first...
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TED Talks: You Can Grow New Brain Cells. Here’s How.

Can adults grow new neurons? Until relatively recently, experts believed the answer was no. But as neuroscientist Sandrine Thuret explains in a new TED Talk,...
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Screen Time Or Story Time?

Pediatricians, educators, and parents have always agreed on at least one thing: reading to your toddler - early on in life and regularly -...


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