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Murphy’s Nurse

It’s Murphy’s Law—“If something can go wrong, it will”—as seen by nurses. Perhaps some of these “oh Lordy I’ve been there” scenarios will sound familiar...
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“My Patient Called Me a…”

We all know that patients say some crazy things…but what happens when those crazy things are directed at YOU?! Once a nickname takes hold...

Our Favorite Modern Nurse Comments

We love our Modern Nurse readers! Nursing is unlike any other profession and we definitely accumulate some incredible stories throughout our career. From humorous...
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Top 7 Reasons Why I Love Being a Nurse

We all have good and bad days when it comes to working as a nurse. On my best days, I can’t imagine working in any...
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Then and Now: How Prescription Drug Prices Fall Significantly Over Time

Prescription drug prices fall significantly over time because the marketplace is unlike any other part of the U.S. health care system. Innovator companies invest...

Countdown To An 80% BSN Workforce By 2020

by Elizabeth Ann Boman Miquelon BSN, RN In 2010, the National Academy of Medicine (NAM), known at that time as the Institute of Medicine, recommended that...
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Are You Ignoring One Of The Most Potent Ways To Improve Patient Health?

Leveraging existing relationships with friends and family may be a more effective way to improve patients' health and encourage new healthy habits and behaviors...
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Survival Mode Time!

I had a rough shift the other night—you know, the one where you start off with a BIG assignment, run behind on everything the...
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30 Day Readmission Rates to U.S. Hospitals

Hospital readmissions can sometimes feel like a revolving door.  Now a new study from AHRQ (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality) is shedding light...

Be Kind. Take Care Of Those Who Take Care Of You.

What is the name of the housekeeper that works on your unit (or the Environmental Services department)? Not just your unit, but anywhere in...


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