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Top 5 Most Expensive Conditions Treated in U.S. Hospitals

Costs associated with inpatient stays constitute the largest single component of healthcare spending.  Working as a healthcare professional, you are on the frontline of...

How To Pull It Together When Your Shift Gets Crazy

Crazy is as crazy does. You know crazy, don’t you? It’s a garden variety day for most staff nurses. ‘Crazy’ is probably the only constant...
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Twitter Offers Valuable Insights Into the Experience of MRI Patients

MRI's can be a stressful experience for many people, but clinicians have few ways to track the thoughts and feelings of their patients regarding...
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Patient Prejudice: New Survey Finds Bias Toward Doctors, Nurses

A majority of doctors (59%) say they confront bias from patients, including offensive remarks about gender, age, race and ethnicity, according to a new...
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The 8 Best Hand Products For Nurses

  Clap your hands and give a cheer to the 8 best hand products for nurses!   Out Damned Spot We love multitasking beauty products because they save you...
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How Do I Deal With Nurse Bullies?

Any nurse who has been rejected by a nurse clique or has been the victim of another nurse’s malicious gossip wonders, “Weren’t we all...
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Finding the Silver Lining During a No Good, Very Bad Day

If anything helps a person hone in on the things that really matter, it’s nursing. That said, there are still those days when you definitely have...
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Nurses Have Some Crazy Holiday Stories

  Every nurse knows that holidays are far from sacrosanct when you work in healthcare. Patients in ICU can’t be left to fend for themselves....

Which Day Would You Relive?

Sure, all nurses have had some bad days on the job that they’d like to forget, but they’ve also had days that they will remember for...
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Your Dream Job

No, I don’t have the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow folks. Sorry to disappoint you. In this brutal economy with...


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