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10 Most Unnecessary And Overused Medical Tests and Treatments

We know you are going to have opinions about this...Unnecessary medication. Tests that don't reveal the problem, or uncover a "problem" that isn't really...
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Patient Satisfaction With Pain Management Linked To Nurse Staffing

Hospital patients' satisfaction with pain management is linked to nurse staffing, according to an article authored by nurse researchers from the Connell School of...
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Sometimes You Shouldn’t Say Sorry

Has this ever happened to you? One of your friends meets up with mutual co-workers for lunch every Friday. You ask to join, but...
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Is Technology At The Bedside An Asset Or A Hindrance?

The influx and popularity of technology within the world of healthcare can sometimes overshadow its developing dominance at the bedside. Everything from the electronic...
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More than 234,000 licensed nurse practitioners in the US

More than 234,000 nurse practitioners (NPs) are licensed in the United States, according to the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP), which released its latest...
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Do Occupational Factors Affect Reproductive Health And Chronic Disease Risk For Nurses?

A prospective study of more than 20,000 nurses aged 20-45 years, 88% of whom had worked night shifts, reported their most common health issues,...
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Nurses Encouraged to Take Voices From Bedside to Board Rooms

Ninety percent of the world's healthcare services are performed by nurses and midwives, according to the International Council of Nurses. Yet the voice of...
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Long Shifts Lead To Nurse Burnout And Dissatisfied Patients

Extended work shifts of twelve hours or longer are common and popular among hospital staff nurses, but a study reports that nurses working longer...
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Do You Disinfect Your Steth After Each Use?

Do you disinfect your stethoscope after each use? A recent study revealed that the contamination level of a stethoscope diaphragm after a single use is...
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Our Ancestors Probably Didn’t Get 8 Hours A Night, Either

They stay up late into the evening, average less than 6.5 hours of sleep and rarely nap. College students during final exams? Working moms?...


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