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10 Ways You Know You’re a Night Shift Nurse

Not to say that night shift nurses are a totally different breed, but you do tend to relate to the werewolf thing! 10 ways you...
"Hanging Clothes"

Nurse Establishes Clothing Closet For Discharged Homeless Patients

Oliver Castellanos, a nurse at Miami-based Jackson Health System, created a clothing closet at the hospital for discharged homeless patients after noticing throughout his...
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The Best and Worst States to be an RN: 2015 Edition

If you’re an RN or thinking of becoming one, we have good news: The registered nurse is expected to be among the fastest growing...
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5 Things You Probably Forgot To Disinfect

As sanitary as nurses are, we still think there’s a good chance that a handful of you are going to browse the following list of...
"University signage on building"

5 Ways A BSN Can Boost Your Career

Nursing is a growing field, especially in the US. As baby boomers age and the population continues to grow older, the job outlook for...
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A List Of Rules For Nurses … From 1887

Whether you’re a new nurse or a seasoned nurse, it’s always intriguing to take a look back at the history of the nursing profession....

A “First Day On The Job” Nurse Checklist

Travel nurses have a lot of first days, so who better to consult for tips for your first day? We talked to Dana Elmer, RN....

Top Modern Nurse Stories

From "just a nurse" and The View's "doctor stethoscope" controversy to viral Facebook posts in appreciation of nurses, workplace violence and ICD-10 codes, 2015...
woman handing employee a substantial paycheck

Top 10 Highest Paying Nursing Specialties

After you finish nursing school, or if you’re considering going back for more training, choosing the right nursing specialty becomes your chief focus. With so...

Color-Coded Care?

This isn’t a relatively new topic, but it’s a hot topic still up for debate. What do you think about mandating nurses to wear...


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