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Avoid Burnout, Stay Flexible

. .  The Nursing Field is More Flexible Than an Experienced Yoga Instructor. . . Whether it is location, money, or schedule, a career in nursing can meet many...
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Stock Photo Nurses Vs. Real Nurses

If anybody’s got it easy, it’s stock photo nurses. Sure, they all have really white teeth, which makes them pretty nice to look at, but...
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TED Talks: When You Have a Big Decision to Make

Yes or no?  Go or stay? New job? Graduate school? Throughout our life we all have to make some pretty big decisions. Check out...

A Nurse’s Confession About Staffing And Infection Rates

An NBC News article titled “Burned-out nurses linked to more infections in patients,” discussed the link between patient infection rates and their correlation to...
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Toxic Nursing: The Stories, The Solutions

As in other professions, in nursing a happy employee is a good employee. So, when bullying and bad attitudes, lack of respect and courtesy...
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Finding Your Nurse Mentor

Looking for a nurse mentor? Try these tips from Kati Kleber (aka Nurse Eye Roll). When you’re learning the ropes as a newbie nurse, you’re...
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5 Things Nurses Can’t Live Without

  Stethoscopes, blood pressure monitors, medication guides. These are all essential items that your patients may not be able to live without. Add a notebook...
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Study Shows You Have Your Own Daily Rhythm of Digital Activity

Over the past decade, there has been a surge of scientific studies on the digital activity of people, such as making mobile calls, texting,...
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10 Things A Nurse Would NEVER Say!

As a nurse, you probably feel like you repeat yourself ALL the time with every new patient who comes onto your unit. So just for fun...
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Let’s Talk Understaffing … Just Don’t Say “Understaffing”

Last month, an interesting article was published in The New York Times describing the frustration that many nurses know all too well: understaffing. We’ve seen many...


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