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Nurses And Their Sixth Sense

Nurses do indeed have a sixth sense. No, I didn’t misspell “sick” sense. I mean, we have an instinct that civilians don’t have. The nursing...
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5 Ideas For Nurses Looking For A Side Hustle

In the United States, the average salary for a registered nurse is $71,000. This works out to be around $34 an hour. While there are some...
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How I changed My Life For My Heart

Nurse Jane Drucker’s dream job as the Wellness Director of an assisted living facility turned into a nightmare when stress and unhealthy life choices...
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5 Ways You Can Use Social Media to Land Your Next Nurse Job

While social media is certainly a powerful force in many aspects of our everyday lives, it may not seem like the most obvious tool...
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How To Nab A Job Without A BSN

Looking to nab a new job? Having trouble finding work that you’re qualified for? You may lack a BSN, but Alicia-joy from Transitions in...

Beyond Direct Patient Care: Five Nursing Specialties to Consider

Being a nurse does not have to involve direct patient care. Nurses have a number of career options available to them if they want...
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New Multistate License Aims To Reduce Red Tape For Travel Nurses

Lauren Bond, a travel nurse, has held licenses in five states and Washington, D.C. She maintains a detailed spreadsheet to keep track of license...

Nurses In Debt : Financial Issues Facing Today’s Healthcare Workers

With tuition costs rising throughout the country, graduate nurses, and Millennials in general, are entering the workforce with more debt than ever before. In...

What Are The Best Side Jobs For Nurses?

Have you ever “moonlighted” to supplement your nursing income? Taking on a second job is very common in the nursing profession. Many nurses ask...

Human Vs. Computer -Which is Better at Diagnosing?

Increasingly powerful computers using ever-more sophisticated programs are challenging human supremacy in areas as diverse as playing chess and making emotionally compelling music. But...


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