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10 Childhood Traits That Signaled You Were A Nurse In The Making

It takes a special kind of person to become a nurse. So special, in fact, that we’re willing to wager there were some signs...
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Doc Uses Social Network To Diagnose Fatal Condition

. . When a 14 year-old boy visited the physician's office with a persistent cough, the primary care physician ran all the standard tests – yet...

Three Things You Don’t Learn In Nursing School

As a registered nurse, you probably went through at least two years of school, though many RNs opt for the four-year route to secure...

Survey Shows Nurses Okay with Pay, Prefer Different Practice Setting

Most nurses are satisfied with their annual compensation, but 68% to 88% indicate dissatisfaction with their practice setting, and nearly half would not choose...
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Screen Time Or Story Time?

Pediatricians, educators, and parents have always agreed on at least one thing: reading to your toddler - early on in life and regularly -...
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Top 10 Nursing Lessons From Your Mentors

Every single nurse experiences a learning curve, and that transition from nursing student to practicing nurse can be a doozy! That’s why you need someone...
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Have You Hugged Your Nurse Practitioner Today?

For nearly a half-century, nurse practitioners across the United States have provided comprehensive, cost-effective, patient-centered services to millions of Americans in need of primary,...
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What Do You Do When a Patient Dies?

We live in a culture where most people rigorously avoid talking about death, much less witnessing it firsthand. Over the course of a lifetime, the...

5 Lessons From Nursing Greats Of The Past

Many of those who have walked the hallowed halls of hospitals before you have forged unique paths in nursing history. What lessons can you take...
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Is Technology At The Bedside An Asset Or A Hindrance?

The influx and popularity of technology within the world of healthcare can sometimes overshadow its developing dominance at the bedside. Everything from the electronic...


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