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Top 50 Best Value DNP Programs of 2016

With the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) recommending adoption of the DNP as the standard terminal degree for practicing nurses, Value College's Top...

25 Fastest Online RN to BSN Degrees

Best Medical Degrees has compiled a list of 25 Fastest Online Registered Nurse (RN) to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Degrees. According to...
Nurse Talking To Patients

Commission for Case Manager Certification’s CMLearning Webinar

"Nothing about me without me" is the guiding principle of shared decision making in health care, a process that ensures the patient understands the...
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Does A BSN Degree Equate To A Higher Salary For RNs?

These days, it seems as though the majority of news about the nursing industry focuses on the need for nurses to obtain a bachelor’s...

Nursing Students, Think You’re Ready For The NCLEX?

So, you think you’re ready for the NCLEX exam? Well, considering the fact that registering for the NCLEX costs $200, it’s best to be...
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The Lowdown on Higher Ed for Nurses

You want to get ahead in your career, but you probably have a litany of excuses why going back to school just doesn’t fit...

A Nursing Student’s Christmas List

Dear Santa. I’ve been super good this year. I went to all my classes, and even when I was going to skip that one Family Nursing...

Affordability Ranking of Master’s-Level Nurse Anesthesia Degrees

AffordableSchools.net, a college rankings site centering on unique and affordable academic programs, released its list of the 25 Most Affordable Master's of Nurse Anesthesia Degrees. The top...

Top 10 Reasons You SHOULD NOT Be A Nurse

We’ve been talking a lot about lists lately. Lists on specific types of nurses. Everything from specialty nurses, student nurses, and even a couple...
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Which Nursing Specialties Have the Highest Turnover?

Nursing isn’t an easy job. The rookie ABCs of nursing could very well read: A is for angry families, B is for bodily fluids,...


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