5 Natural Sore Throat Remedies

By Lucy Wyndham

Most workers will call in sick when afflicted with colds, cough, and a sore throat, but a study of healthcare workers has revealed that most of them will come to work even when they’re sick. According to the study, 70% of nurses, midwives, and physician assistants would go to work while coughing, and half of them will report to work even with a runny nose or a sore throat. If you have a cough or a cold, it would be best to stay home to avoid putting patients at risk, but for a sore throat, you can take natural remedies that will help soothe the pain.

Causes of a sore throat

A sore throat normally accompanies a cough and colds, but other factors can contribute to a dry and itchy throat. According to the Mayo Clinic, allergies to pet dander, mold, or dust can contribute to a sore throat. Irritants such as tobacco smoke can also cause an ongoing sore throat. Yelling or talking loudly for long periods without rest can also result in a sore throat. Whatever the reason, it’s best to take natural throat remedies which won’t make you sleepy or impair you in any way when you’re at work. Here are 5 natural sore throat remedies that you can take while you’re on a break at work.

Salt and warm water

A gargle made from salt and warm water can soothe your throat. Simply mix a teaspoon of salt into a glass of lukewarm water, stir, and gargle. Take care not to swallow the salt solution as this can further irritate your throat.

Chamomile tea

Instead of sipping a cup of coffee on your break, try drinking chamomile tea. It’s naturally soothing, and its antiseptic properties can help relieve a painful throat. Moreover, it can boost your immune system to help fight off the infection that caused your sore throat.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C can fight off infection and promotes healing. If you have a sore throat, take a vitamin C tablet three times a day, or increase your intake of vitamin C rich foods such as oranges or tomatoes. You can also juice vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables and take it with you to work.

Chicken soup

For your lunch break, opt to have a cup of warm chicken soup to soothe your throat. The soup can relieve throat pain and can be very comforting when you’re feeling sick. You can bring a thermos of homemade soup with you to work or check if the cafeteria has a bit of chicken broth.


Honey has antibacterial and antiseptic properties that can soothe a sore throat. You can stir a spoonful of honey into half a cup of water with a bit of lemon juice and drink it whenever you need some pain relief.

These are just a few natural sore throat remedies that you can take on your break. If your sore throat persists, get some rest and seek medical advice.